Where to go at the weekend in the Małopolska region? Into the colourful world of town secrets and the shadows of the underworld!

Face-shaped rock in profile.
We will soon be enjoying another weekend! A few days off is the perfect opportunity to head out into the countryside, as the days are lengthening and the spring/summer world is grows more beautiful by the day! Wondering where to go? We'll give you a hint! Małopolska conceals so many fascinating places and abounds in so many attractions that every seeker of unusual experiences will find something for themselves. We have a couple of days off ahead of us, so catch four unusual but very interesting attractions that could make your weekend super!

The Petrified City in Ciężkowice – lots of attractions

Petrified City is a nature reserve near Ciężkowice. This is the perfect place for those who look for some thrills when they go out and about. The reserve not only captivates with its unique landscape, but is also has an aura of mystery. It was (and perhaps still is) considered by locals to be a place where evil  lurks. There are rock formations with names such as ‘Ratusz’, ‘Grunwald’, ‘Czarownica’ and ‘Borsuk’. There is a legend associated with each of them, but we won't tell you the details, it's best if you discover them for yourself!

Petrified City is the biggest attraction of the Ciężkowicko-Rożnowskie Landscape Park. There is a choice of four routes of varying difficulty. The shortest is 2.5 km and the longest is 4.5 km. A super idea for an outing with the kids and also for nature hikes. Also not to be forgotten is the nearby treetop path, the picturesque Spa Park and the charm of the town of Ciężkowice itself.

Bochnia Salt Mine – shrouded in mystery

How about a visit to the oldest salt mine in Poland? The salt mine in Bochnia is a great treasure of the Małopolska region. In Bochnia, you can explore the underground passageways and chambers and enjoy the fantastic attraction of taking an underground train ride.

But that's not all! The Bochnia mine is the only one in Poland with an underground boat crossing! The wooden boats, registered with the Polish Register of Shipping, float around the salt-flooded chamber. The icing on the cake is that you can also stay overnight here! No need for further encouragement! It wildly convinces us!

Galician Town in Nowy Sącz – a journey back in time

If we had to name one of the most charming places in the region, we would choose the following Galician Town in Nowy Sącz. Like nowhere else, you can step back in time and feel like you are in the Galician countryside at the turn of the 20th century.

Here, you will find a reconstructed town hall, a pharmacy, residential houses, a fire station, artisan workshops and an inn, where you can taste local specialities from the ethnic groups that used to live in the region. It is a wonderful journey through time, space, and history. Find the time to visit these hospitable, Galician-style premises.

Zalipie – the most colourful village in Poland

Less than 80 kilometres east of Kraków is the most colourful place on the map of Poland. A place where colourful folk art delights and where its magic make you want to return before you've even left. Zalipie is a village that is famous for its painted houses. In fact, it's not just the houses that are colourful here, it's everything! Dog kennels, outbuildings, old sheds, a church, and wells are decorated with flowers. The focal point of Zalipie is the Felicja Curyłowa Museum, which is  in the house of one of the most famous folk painters.

Throughout her life Felicja Curyłowa decorated her homes with colourful floral motifs, and her work inspired many other artists. The museum presents not only her works but also the tools used to create these extraordinary works of art. Zalipie is a beautiful example of a tradition cultivated by a local community that passes on its heritage to the next generation. If you are looking for a place full of colour, local folklore, crafts and art, Zalipie will certainly not disappoint you!


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