Małopolska for lovers. 10 places ideal for a romantic getaway for two

A man and a woman are smiling while strolling around the town. Szczawnica buildings in the background.
Lazy coffees in cosy cafes, painted houses full of charm, mountain trails to wander, city backstreets to discover, or interesting museums to visit – Małopolska has plenty of places to celebrate love! If you are wondering where to take your better half on a trip or where to spend unforgettable moments for two, we have something extra to offer! We have prepared the Top 10 places in the Małopolska Region that are perfect for a romantic trip. Choose the ideal place for you and, holding hands, go ahead – it's only one step to falling in love in the Małopolska Region!

Zalipie – paint your world!

Zalipie is a small village in the Małopolska Region that everyone says is the most colourful village in Poland. The floral bouquets and intricate ornaments decorating houses, sheds, walls and even dog kennels are a unique attraction to see and to marvel at together. A stroll among the painted houses, a visit to the museum – the House of the Painters, the numerous galleries with beautiful handicrafts, and the idyllic views all around make Zalipie an excellent idea for an unconventional day trip. It will be like in love – colourful, joyful and beautiful!

Lanckorona – look for Małopolska angels

It only takes a few dozen minutes’ drive from Kraków to find yourself in a town taken straight from an enchanted fairyland. Lanckorona is the pearl of Małopolska. Located on the Amber Trail, the town is where you will find peace and feel it with all your senses. Lanckorona’s cobblestone streets and wooden cottages surrounding a quaint market square are some of the most beautifully preserved old wooden buildings and old-world streets in Poland. Sit down for coffee and cake in the atmospheric interiors of the outstanding Lanckorona cafes, buy original ceramics in one of the numerous handicraft shops, stroll under the castle ruins, and look up as angels fly overhead every now and again!

Szczawnica – go not only for your health!

The charm of this spa town at the foot of the Pieniny Mountains captivates almost everyone's senses! Beautiful old villas, the atmosphere of the ancient world of dances and social gatherings of Polish bohemians blends with the classic charm of spa towns. The healing water from a pump room will bring you health. There are numerous walking trails and mountain routes from which you can choose the most beautiful. The Dunajec River rafting trips will draw you into the fascinating world of Pieniny legends and stories while culinary places offer you the many flavours of the region. Cometo Szczawnica just once and you’ll find yourself coming back again and again. Who knows, this may be your place on the earth. Check it out!

Ojców National Park – look for flavours, sights and history!

Established as the sixth and smallest national park in Poland, the Ojców National Park (link to the description of the Ojców National Park) attracts crowds of enthusiasts with its charm and unique landscapes – let it draw you, too! You will have a wonderful time here. You can wander among the Jurassic limestones with their fanciful shapes, have a taste of the smoked trout, which is a local delicacy, discover the stories hidden in the Ojców Castle, or see the beautiful wooden chapel on the water, erected in 1901 on the site of the former spa baths. Time in the Ojców National Park flows entirely differently. See for yourself!

Piwniczna-Zdrój – visit a spa with a good atmosphere

Piwniczna-Zdrój is just perfect for lovers! Situated in the Beskid Sądecki, this spa town is ideal for a romantic weekend for two. The Poprad Landscape Park invites you to take long walks, the local folklore begs to be explored, and the Spa Park and the Artistic Pump Room invite you to enjoy pleasant idleness. Blissful idylls and intimacy are the strengths of Piwniczna-Zdrój. Seemingly small yet offering so much, Piwniczna is beautiful, and you will experience it from the moment you take your very first walk along the fast-flowing Poprad River.

Carp Valley – see the Masuria of Małopolska

The Carp Valley brings together everything you need for a weekend full of unforgettable moments. It is paradise for wild birds and a melancholic land of fields, vast meadows, floodplains and lazily meandering rivers. It can be explored in many ways – by bicycle, canoe, or simply wandering from one place of interest to another. Only here can you taste the delicious Zator carp –one of the six Małopolska products with a Protected Designation of Origin – and ride Europe's highest and fastest mega-coaster in the Energylandia Amusement Park. Are you thinking of a weekend away in a completely unusual setting? Carp Valley seems a perfect choice!

Małopolska Wine Trail – love enchanted in vines

Ovid, the famous Roman poet, used to say that wine warms the blood and adds lustre to the eyes, and wine and love have forever been allies. On the Małopolska Wine Trail, you can discover yourself charmed by the vineyards and enchanted with the wine, which is the region's heritage. Małopolska is developing into one of the foremost wine regions in Poland. There are already over 100 wineries operating here, of which as many as 50 form the Małopolska Wine Trail. You don't have to go to southern Europe to become acquainted with wine culture and its fascinating history and traditions – all you need to do is head into the south of Poland! The owners of Małopolska's vineyards are happy to open their doors to tourists, passionately telling them about their crops and everyday life in the vineyard. Visiting the Małopolska Wine Trail is a journey through flavours, stories and exciting encounters. All this between gentle hills and picturesque landscapes – what more could you want?

In the rocky world of beauty – not only Zakopane

Zakopane is not only Krupówki and crowds of tourists. It is also about extraordinary history, folklore and culture, which can be found nowhere else. Power and strength come from here, emanating from the high mountains; the highest in Poland, we should add. How do you get to know this city and carve out a piece of its intimacy and uniqueness? It's straightforward! It would be best to immerse yourself in the Regle Dales, which often greet tourists with silence and tranquillity. Stroll among old buildings with characteristic details, visit unusual museums, taste regional flavours and rest in meadows with breathtaking vistas of the Tatra Mountains (a description of the Tatra Mountains). Love was sung, written and painted about in Zakopane, so why don't you do your bit too?

A date with the mountains in the background – Orawa Ethnographic Park in Zubrzyca Górna

What about visiting the first open-air museum in post-war Poland? With 60 buildings depicting the life of various social strata Orawa in the 17th–20th centuries, it's the perfect idyllic spot for an imaginative date! Here you will see former industrial plants such as an oil mill, pandy, mill and sawmill, forge, dye house and mangle. That will be an incredible journey back in time for history enthusiasts and lovers of idyllic rural locations, a veritable aesthetic feast! Zubrzyca Górna, where the Ethnographic Park is located, lies at the foothills of Babia Góra and Polica. It may also be an excellent opportunity to plan to watch a sunrise on the famous mountain of mountains – the capricious and somewhat mysterious Babia Góra. It's an experience in the series of never-to-be-forgotten, always-to-be-remembered. Try it, you won't regret it!

Regietów – peace, quiet and Hucul ponies

It is still a wild and beautiful place on the map of the Low Beskids. A former Lemko village, where tourism flows in a slow, not mass rhythm, is an offer for those seeking soothing silence, respite and rest from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Here you will find excellent and completely deserted hiking trails, beautiful Orthodox churches, roadside crosses recalling the region's ancient history, and the largest, not only in Europe but also in the world, Hucul Stud Farm ‘Gładyszów’. Nowhere else does the sense of freedom, the power of nature and cultural heritage harmonise so picturesquely as in the Low Beskids. Regietów is the perfect idea to escape from a world full of noise to a world full of tranquillity.



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