Podhale, Orawa and Spisz

Podhale, Orawa and Spisz

Rowerzysta na rowerze górskim
VeloDunajec and Szlak wokół Tatr (SWT English: Trail around the Tatras) provide various opportunities for journeys all over the Podhale. Following VeloDunajec or SWT you can travel from Zakopane to Nowy Targ: take the cable car to the top of Gubałówka, choose the SWT branch going via Dudówka and then take the public roads via Ciche/Chochołów or Ratułów to reach the main route. From Nowy Targ, you can head eastwards along VeloDunajec, or SWT and then follow Pętla Spiska (Spisz Loop) to Lake Czorsztyn.

Sights worth seeing:

  • Thermal pools: Szaflary and Gorący Potok
  • Bór na Czerwonem - a nature reserve of peatbogs situated near the airport in Nowy Targ.
  • Gubałówka - a mountain in Zakopane which provides an excellent view of the Tatras; access to the top of the mountain is provided by a cable car.
  • Nowy Targ Airport - sightseeing flights over the surrounding area.

Highland cheese (Polish: oscypek) - hard, smoked cheese made from sheep’s milk - is a  regional product protected under EU law (having the status of ‘Protected Designation of
Origin’). The cheese may be produced only from May to September, although it may be sold until the end of October.

  • Dunajec Castle in Niedzica and the ruins of Czorsztyn Castle
  • Białka Gorge - landscape park and nature reserve
  • Hydroelectric power plant in Niedzica

Lake Czorsztyn was created as a result of the construction of a dam in Niedzica, between the Pieniny of Spisz and the Central Pieniny. The first ideas for the creation of a reservoir originated in 1905, but the dam was not completed until 1997. It is the largest earthfill dam in Poland.

The area around Lake Czorsztyn is one the most beautiful spots in Poland. It provides excellent tourist accommodation and sports facilities. You can get here from Nowy Targ following VeloDunajec, or Szlak wokół Tatr - Trail around the Tatras (via Nowa Biała), and then Pętla Spiska - Spisz Loop to Dębno.

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