Chłopak na wakeboardzie na wodzie
Wakeboarding jest młodą i niezwykle dynamicznie rozwijającą się dyscypliną ekstremalnych sportów wodnych. Jest pochodną kilku rodzajów sportu i stanowi połączenie klasycznego surfingu, snowboardu i nart wodnych.

Wakeboarding is a new and dynamically developing discipline of extreme water sports. It is derived from several types of sport and is a combination of classic surfing, snowboarding and waterskiing. It consists in floating on the surface of the water on a specially profiled board while holding a line attached to a winch or to a specially designed motorboat. This globally popular, spectacular sport discipline is gaining more and more popularity in Poland. In Małopolska, wakeboard winches may be found, inter alia, in Kraków, on the Bagry water reservoir wakeparkkrakow.pl, in picturesquely situated Przylasek Rusiecki www.wakecampkrakow.pl and the largest swimming area near Kraków – Kryspinów www.wake-park.pl. Wakeboarding may be practised by people of all ages. Practising wakeboarding guarantees a huge dose of adrenaline and unique experiences. It is a wonderful proposal for people who like new challenges.


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