cruise ship on Lake Czorsztyńskie
Cruises are an exciting option for spending a pleasant summer afternoon. You can set off on a cruise to several places in the province, each of which guarantees a fantastic experience and breath-taking views!

Małopolska attracts nature and water lovers with picturesque lakes abounding in beautiful mountainous landscapes, beaches with cool wooded shores, and medieval fortresses. Tourist-excursion cruises are a perfect option for those who want to enjoy the cool breeze directly from the water on a hot day. It is also an exciting alternative for tourists to get to know a place from a completely different perspective.

Lake Rożnowskie

From spring to autumn, on the waters of the Rożnowskie Lake, there is a ship called ALKA, on which one can set out from Bartkowa. The route leads through the narrow, lower part of the lake. Distinguished by its picturesqueness, we can admire the steep, forested slopes and meanders of the valley flooded with water, creating a charming landscape. The second option is the most famous ship on the lake - “JASKÓŁKA”, which sails out from Gródek nad Dunajcem - a popular holiday resort at the Rożnowskie Foothills. It will take us to an interesting attraction - the dam and hydroelectric power station in Rożnów, which is a must-see. It is also worth boarding the ship “RAK”, which has a harbour at the dam in Rożnow. We can take it for a cruise around the picturesque Małpia Island, to Gródek on Dunajec, or for fans of long water trips - along the Sailing Route.

Czorsztyńskie Lake

A cruise among the magnificent views of the Gorce and Pieniny mountains, together with the silhouettes of two medieval castles towering over the surface of the water, is an unforgettable attraction of Lake Czorsztyńskie. The harbour of the ship “Harnaś” is situated in Niedzica-Zamek at the foot of the Dunajec castle. The ship is also a floating cafe. What more could you want on a relaxing cruise? With pleasant music, you can drink coffee or have dessert while admiring the surrounding monuments of architecture and nature from its deck: Dunajec Castle in Niedzica, Czorsztyn Castle, Niedzica Dam, an open-air museum on the Stylchyn peninsula or Green Rocks. A great attraction is a cruise on the gondolas - Czorsztynianka, which we can end with a swim at the beach by the “Jędruś” marina. From the beginning of May to the end of September, gondolas sail on the route connecting the ruins of Czorsztyn Castle with the castle in Niedzica. For fans of longer cruises, there is a route around Czorsztyńskie Lake. During the cruise, you can admire the Pieniny National Park and enjoy a beautiful panorama of the Tatra Mountains.


It is also worth taking a cruise on a boat or a water tram on the Vistula River in Kraków. The royal city looks impressive from the perspective of the Queen of Polish Rivers. From the ship's deck, you can see what you can't see while walking the streets of Kraków. Wawel Hill, the Kazimierz district, Podgórze, castle in Przegorzały on the hills of Wolski Forest or the 15th-century monastery in Bielany will surely delight everyone. Sailing further towards Tyniec, your eyes will see the Benedictine Monastery, situated on a limestone hill, reflected in the smooth surface of the Vistula River. A boat cruise can only guarantee such views! Tyniec can also be reached by Kraków Water Tram (cruises available in summer only).

The ships depart from the marinas located at the foot of Wawel Hill, on Czerwieński Boulevard (Aqua Fun or Centrum Żeglugi Wiślanej Ster offering cruises on the ships "Sobieski" and "Piotruś Pan" or the luxury catamaran "George"). Onboard, you can also have a meal, drink morning coffee with a view of the Wawel Castle and even, for some, spend the night.


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