Mushroom picking

Resin-scented trees, larch groves and autumn-tinted, red-brown beech forests are perfect for relaxing walks. Strolling through the woods is a great way of resting from the hustle and bustle of the city, as well as an opportunity to recuperate in natural surroundings.
Although it is tempting to engage in some mushroom picking, people often return home with empty baskets. It is best to start mushroom picking in the pale dawn, which will increase your chance of succeeding. We recommend taking a wicker basket with you, in order to keep the mushrooms you find in their original shape and form, as well as a small knife for cutting the mushrooms at their base. This will leave the mycelium undamaged, resulting in a new mushroom growing there later. The mushrooms you pick can be dried and then used for preparing aromatic mushroom soups. Mushrooms are also often used for preparing stuffing, for instance for the traditional Polish uszka (red borsch with uszka at Christmas), croquettes and the pierogi. Another favourite is mushroom sauce, e.g. bolete flavoured, and pickled mushrooms. However, mushrooms are best when fried on a pan (why not try scrambled eggs with delicious chanterelles). Other forest treasures that can be found during your walk are the extremely tasty and aromatic raspberries. You can also find entire bunches of blackberries growing at the edges of small forest clearings. Tread carefully, and you may find some fragrant wild strawberries and whole groups of small bilberry bushes. All these forest treasures taste best when freshly picked. The most appreciated and popular edible mushrooms include: bolete, bay bolete, birch bolete, saffron milk cap, chanterelle, parasol mushroom, chevalier and honey fungus.

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